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Casting Circle Incense

A blended scent - rich and woody, with a resinous note

Traditional Uses: Protection during ceremonies.

Stick - 10-pack
Product #IS-CAST1-10 - $1.50
Stick - 25-pack
Product #IS-CAST1-25 - $3.50
Cone - 25-pack
Product #IC-CAST1-25 - $3.50
Powder - half-ounce pkg
Product #IP-CAST1-hoz - $1.50

Suggested Use: Light our Casting Circle incense to establish a magickal boundary or magick circle, protect yourself during magick and meditation, or prepare a ritual area for ceremonies.

History: Lighting incense is a traditional way to honor the higher powers and to begin metaphysical workings, magick, ceremonies, and meditations.   For thousands of years, people have used incense for all these purposes and more.  You can light incense for your own private purposes, and ours is one of the best.   Long ago incense was hand-made, by powdering wood pulp, charcoal, and resin then compressing the mixture into a stick or cone shape.   Dreaming Gates incense is still made by hand, the way our ancient ancestors made offerings to their gods and guides.   Each piece is soaked and empowered in the process for exceptional strength.

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