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A single scent - herbal, faintly citrus

Traditional Uses: good for psychic talents, manic depression, calming.

Oil - half-dram
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Oil - dram
Product #O-ELEMI-dr - $3.99
Oil - ounce
Product #O-ELEMI-oz - $19.99
Bath Salt - 1 oz.
Product #BS-ELEMI-oz - $0.99
Bath Salt - 4.5 oz.
Product #BS-ELEMI-34 - $3.99

Elemi is used in aromatherapy and magick to strengthen psychic talents, calm strained nerves, be helpful for manic depression and schizophrenia, treat nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions; act as a topical anti-inflammatory, heal infected cuts, be good for aged skin, rejuvenation and wrinkles; help with bronchitis, catarrhal conditions, and nonproductive coughs.

History: Fragrant oils have been used to perfume and medicate the body since before the time of Christianity.   Ancient Romans used scented olive oil for both fragrance and cleanliness, while ancient Greeks used herb-infused oils for medicinal purposes.

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