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A single scent - sweet and floral

Traditional Uses: good for love, peace, and depression.

Oil - half-dram
#O-LAVND-hd - $2.50
Oil - dram
#O-LAVND-dr - $3.99
Oil - ounce
#O-LAVND-oz - $19.99
Bath Salt - 1 oz.
#BS-LAVND-oz - $1.50
Bath Salt - 4 oz.
#BS-LAVND-34 - $4.50
Bath Salt - deluxe
#BS-LAVND-dx - $5.99

Lavender is used in aromatherapy and magick to ease anxiety, combat depression, reduce headaches and flu, ease breathing, stimulate the nervous system, enhance physical and mental alertness and health, repel insects, act as a skin antiseptic and pain relief, and encourage love, peace, and sleep.

History: Fragrant oils have been used to perfume and medicate the body since before the time of Christianity.   Ancient Romans used scented olive oil for both fragrance and cleanliness, while ancient Greeks used herb-infused oils for medicinal purposes.

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