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Lightbulb Ring - brass

6" diameter brass ring, hollow, for oils.

Product #OA-BRING - $2.99


These heavy-duty brass rings are perfect for scenting a room with your favorite essential oil.  Place ring onto a cool lightbulb, add 2-3 drops of Dreaming Gates oil, and turn on the light.  Voila!  The heat from the lightbulb heats the brass, which in turn heats the oil, which in turn evaporates and fills the room.  Safer than adding oil to a lightbulb itself, convenient to clean up.

Traditional Uses: Light bulb rings make a convenient oil diffuser for any room.   All you need is your favorite essential or fragrance oil and a lamp with an upright light bulb (will not work with lightbulbs that hang downwards or at an angle).   The evaporating oil is sure to fill any house with long-lasting scent.

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