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Rose Soap

2.65 oz., natural rose scent in vegetable oil base.

Product #SP-ROSE1 - $1.99


These delicate Chinese soaps are imported from the famous "Bee & Flower" Brand.   All natural, with a vegetable oil base--no animal by-products.  Mild and good for sensitive skin.  Richly scented with floral Rose, a flower reknowned for its beautiful and healing scent.  Each bar is individually wrapped in Oriental packaging, bearing the "Bee & Flower" seal.  Rich lather combines physical cleansing with spiritual protection, scents the body with a mild aroma suitable for men or women.  Hard-milled, long-lasting.  Each bar measures approximately 3"x2".

Traditional Uses: Rose purifies and protects the spirit.  Eases depression, stirs feelings of love and sensuality.   Reputed to make the wearer more beautiful or handsome.  Metaphysically aligned with Friday, Spring, Water, and the Kabalistic Sphere of Netzach.

History: Rose is one of the most famous perfumes known to humankind.   Harvested in the early morning at the peak of blooming, this lovely blossom is incorporated into perfumes, food, and personal hygiene products worldwide.

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