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Incense Accessories

Incense stick in holder.

Reminder: Always use caution and choose a well-ventilated area when burning incense

These accessories make it much easier to use our great selection of perfumed incenses.   Use these ashcatchers with our incense sticks, charcoal with our resins, or brass censers for cones, powder, charcoal, herbs, and resin.

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Charcoal, Roll of 10

Product #IB-CHARC-10 - $3.99 Quantity: View Cart

Self-Lighting Charcoal -- ten 1" pellets in each roll.   Necessary for using frankincense, myrrh, cedar, and other incense / offerings. Quality brand name: Swift-Lite or Three Kings.

Ashcatcher, with Brass Insets

Product #IB-ASHCB - $1.99 Quantity: View Cart

1" x 11", ideal for holding incense sticks. Styles may vary - select your preference and we'll try to match.

Censers (Hanging Incense Burners)

Small (6" height, 4" diameter, plus 6" chains)
Product #IB-CENSS - $9.99
Large (6" height, 6" diameter, plus 6" chains)
Product #IB-CENSL - $11.99
Quantity: View Cart

Solid brass, bulb-shaped objects suspended on three brass chains.   Suitable for holding lit incense cones or charcoal.   Handmade in India.

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