Almost there!

Hello Dreaming Gates friends!  We are very excited about our new website layout. There are tons of website improvements which you’re going to love.  And the best news is, it is almost ready! Here’s a sneak screenshot of our new layout and colors.   Are you all excited? ;-)  (No you can’t see it yet; […]


Yep, we are relocating the Dreaming Gates blog.  Not a big change, just shifting directories around as part of our website relaunch project. Don’t worry–the new location is easy to remember. The blog is now located here: Please update your bookmarks.  Thank you!

Please update your bookmark:

More shopping cart improvements :)

We’re working our tails off here at Dreaming Gates.  Our basic shopping cart, OSCommerce, just didn’t have enough features.  So we’ve been adding more!  All in the spirit of making our cart easier, better, and “funner” to use. So far, we’ve added: Easy Populate – that’s for us, to make adding new products simpler. Recover […]



What ARE Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold, Anyway?

In Western cultures, this time of year is full of references to “Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold.”  Why?  According to tradition, those are gifts that the Three Kings or Magi brought to the newborn Jesus in Bethlehem.  Christian teachings tout this as a sign of great respect and homage, since frankincense and myrrh were both very […]

Working hard on the layout.

Lots of changes today to the new Dreaming Gates Blog, and more to come soon!  Check out the fresh new pictures at the top of the blog welcome page.  Yes, those are herbs from our actual garden.  (Although we don’t recommend you try to eat the aconite!) We’ve also added pages for About Us, Subscribe, […]

Dreaming Gates Herbs

We are still tweaking the layout, colors and images.  Welcome to our new blog!

Top quality shopping

Top quality shopping

Hello everyone!  This is just a quick note to let you know that we are completely rebuilding our e-commerce site, .  When it’s done, it will have a completely new layout, a rebuilt shopping cart, and oh–did we mention?–a new blog. ;-)