Crystals and Stones

Cascade of polished stones
We carry a wide range of polished crystals and tumbled stones.   Each stone is selected for the finest quality and richest color.

All of our stones are imbued with subtle Reiki energy to enhance the natural healing properties, and are stored in a safe environment to minimize contamination.

All stones come with a description and instructions.

Packaging for stones includes a recloseable plastic bag and colorful instruction card.

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Stone Sets

Our sets are carefully-selected groups of stones with a common purpose.   For example, our Chakra Stone Sets contain one stone for every physical chakra, or ethereal energy center.   Each set contains the same perfectly-polished, high grade rocks as found in our Polished Stones section.

- Chakra Stones 1   - Chakra Stones 2  

Polished Stones

Each of our polished stones is of excellent grade and quality, selected for color depth and texture.   Each has metaphysical lore associated with it, and has been used for centuries by healers of many cultures.   To further this end, we have charged each stone with the subtle yet powerful healing energy known as Reiki.  

- Amethyst   - Aventurine   - Black Onyx   - Carnelian   - Dumortiurite   - Hematite   - Orange River Chalcedony   - Red Tiger's Eye   - Rose Quartz   - Yellow Jasper  

Rare Stones

Here are some of the rarest and most unusual stones in the world, from the intriguing, metaphysical Scrying Stones to the highly colorful Quaanta Stones found only one place in the world.  Supplies are limited.

- Aqua Aura   - Banded Amethyst  
- 'Blood' Quartz™   - Chevron Amethyst  
- Cobblestone Dumortiurite  
- Lingam, 'Blood' Quartz™    
- Milky Quartz  
- Quaanta Stones   - Scrying Stones  

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Here are some products related to tumbled stones and crystals.

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