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In this category you will find the greatest odds and ends that we couldn't quite classify.   (Just kidding.)   All these items are great for decorating your home, altar, or personal space.   They include our specially-made dreamcatchers, called "Dreaming Catchers"™ as well as unique brass items and more.

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"Dreaming Catchers"TM

Our Dreaming Catchers take the traditional dreamcatcher to a new level.   They combine shamanic traditions with metaphysical studies to create a protective emblem that is both effective and beautiful.

- Earth   - Air   - Fire   - Water   - Nox   - Rainbow   - Custom  

Other Items

Our other items include brass statues, musical instruments, and colorful stickers.

- Bell   - King Tut   - Nefertiti   - Oil Lamp   - Drum   - Flute   - Pentacle Bumper Sticker  

Custom Printed Gifts

Hosted off-site at, our custom printed gifts feature unusual magickal and pagan themes. These items are created exclusively by our staff artists and are not available anywhere else in the world.

Featuring Magickal Life(TM) brand shirts and more:
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- Dreaming Gates logos  
- Samhain (Halloween)  

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