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FAQ:   Frequently Asked Questions

How do I...

- Make an order?
- Pay for my order?
- Contact you?
- Get a Catalog?
- Get a Gift Certificate?
- Return something?
- Report something damaged or lost in shipping?
- Learn about metaphysical and mythological stuff?
- Cancel an Order?
- Find what I need?
- Send my own catalog or product samples to you?
- Turn someone into a newt?


How do I make an order?

There are three steps:
  1. Send an order through our shopping cart (you are currently in it).   Just find the items you want, and fill in how many you want in the "Quantity" box beside each.   Click the "Add to Cart" button beside it, and that item will be added to your order.  (We have regular order forms, too--see the Order Info page, or you can simply send us a list and we'll email you the total.)
  2. Send payment with your order (unless it is C.O.D.).  You can mail a check, money order, or gift certificate.  You can also use an electronic check or MasterCard / Visa online.  Goods purchased with money orders are shipped within 24 hours after we receive your payment (or immediately when they arrive, if they must be special-ordered).
  3. Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your products, plus clearing time for checks.  Special Orders may take slightly longer, but never longer than thirty (30) days.

How do I pay for my order?

We offer several ways to pay: personal check, business check, cashier's check, money order, Dreaming Gates Gift Certificate (available for purchase in "Services"), electronic checks, and Mastercard/ Visa.  (The last two are online.)  Also, if your credit card gives you checks to make purchases (ask your credit company), we will happily accept those as long as your name and address matches that on the check.

Please make all payment out to DREAMING GATES.  Payment is due at the time of order.

How do I contact Dreaming Gates?

Please see our "contact page" for more information.

How do I get a catalog?

Please see our "catalog page" for more information.

How do I order a Gift Certificate?

Go to our "Services" page.  Scroll down until you see "Gift Certificates" and read the information there.

How do I return something?

You can receive store-credit within thirty(30) days of purchase.  All you have to do is contact us and wait to receive your return code.  When we send it to you (usually via e-mail), you must write it clearly on the package when you ship it back to us.  Shipping and fees are not reimbursed or refunded.  Packages without a return code will be refused or destroyed.   See the Ordering Info page for details and exclusions.

How do I report something damaged or lost in shipping?

If your goods are damaged or lost in shipping, please keep the packaging (if possible) and contact us within ten days of shipping.  We will help you get reimbursed from the shipper.  Please keep in mind that this policy applies to goods shipped with insurance only; we cannot be held responsible for goods shipped uninsured.

How do I learn about magickal, metaphysical, or mythological stuff?

Look in our Links.

How do I cancel an order?

Let us know within ten days.  Special Orders are especially important to cancel early.  Restocking fees may apply after the period has elapsed (usually 10% of the total).

How do I find what I need / search the website?

At the top of the menu (top-left of each page) is a search box.  Enter the word or phrase you are looking for, and the "search" button will take you to a new page listing all the places on our site containing those words.  If you still can't find something, just ask!   We might be able to special-order it for you.

In addition, there is a quick reference guide that lists all our products.   This list includes links to the page on which that item is found.

How do I send my own catalog or product samples to you?

If you wish to send us your own company's catalog, price list, or product samples, we will gladly inspect them and possibly make a purchase to expand our own product list.  Please make sure to write your company name and address on the outside of the package, and add "ATTN: New Products" to our address before you ship the package to us.

How do I turn someone into a newt?

You don't.  It's not polite.

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