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Each cedar bundle is bound in colorful twine and measures approximately 6" long by 3/4" wide.   The loose cedar is collected fresh when you order from the green portions of this sacred plant.  (1 oz=about 1 cup)

Cedar Smudge Bundle
Product #H-CEDARBN - $4.99
Loose Cedar
Product #H-CEDAR-oz - $4.99

Suggested Use: Invoke the Ancestors, honor the Great Spirit, clear a place or person of negativity, attract otherworldly help, repel insects, purifiy the body, soul, and mind.

History: Cedar was sacred to the Native Americans in the beginning of history.   Shamans have used it for ages to cleanse and purify the spirit as well as drive off sickness.   In addition, it was popular in ancient Sumer as a fragrant offering to the gods.

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