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Frankincense Powder

Rich, deep scent makes an excellent offering and room or temple perfume.   Used traditionally for protection, purification, conjuring.

1 oz. package
Product #H-FRANP-oz - $1.99

Suggested Use: Frankincense is a very sacred offering used in meditations, religions, and magickal systems worldwide.   Used for blessing an item or area, summoning helpful entities and angels, deepening meditation and ritual, heigthening spirituality, and bringing protection for the spirit and mind.   The powdered form is ideal for adding to potions, bath salts, and spell powders, or simply burning with charcoal.

History: Frankincense is a traditional offering for many cultures and magickal Paths, including Judaism, Catholicism, and the Golden Dawn.   It is used in prayer, meditation, and in different systems of magick to summon Archangels and other entities alike.   It is still used to perfume cathedrals today.   In magickal and mundane aromatherapy Frankincense is reputed to bring protection and purification, heightened sensuality, reduced tension, freedom from addictions, and deeper meditation and spirituality.   It bears metaphysical associations with Fire, Winter, and the Kabalistic Sphere of Tipareth.

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