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Juniper Berries

One ounce of dark juniper berries.

Juniper Berries
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Suggested Use: Juniper berries are usually burned for exorcism, purification, love, and protection.   A warm poultice of the berries can be applied to the skin to ease bruises, arthritis, and similar aches or minor wounds.   A tea can be drunk for urinary tract infections or to fight off illness.   (Caution: use by pregnant women should be avoided, as ingestion in large doses may cause abortion.)   (This statement not evaluated by the FDA.)

History: Juniper berries were burned by the ancient Sumerians as an offering to Innana, goddess of the moon, and other deities.   Legend holds that it drives away witches, however, modern witchcraft applies it to numerous purposes including driving out harmful spirits and repelling (or "bouncing") black magick.

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