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Myrrh Powder

Thick, spicy scent makes a superb incense.   Used traditionally for anti-hexing, meditation, cleansing.

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Suggested Use: Myrrh is a highly praised offering used in meditations, religions, and magickal systems worldwide.   Used for blessing an item or area, summoning helpful entities and angels, deepening meditation and ritual, clearing hexes and curses, and increasing physical and spiritual health.

History: Myrrh is also considered sacred by many belief-systems.   It has been used for purification and healing rituals as well as house-cleansings and hex-breakings.   Spicier than Frankincense, it was also considered to be one of the most precious substances of the Biblical era.   It is reputed to deepen meditation, purify the soul, heighten spirituality, and offer protection (particularly when combined with frankincense).   It has metaphysical associations with Friday, Water, Saturn, and the Kabalistic sphere of Binah.

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