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Greek Mountain Sage, imported from Greece.   Loose sage is broken into manageable pieces suitable for tea or burning in a shell (or similar fireproof container).

Loose Sage
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Suggested Use: Sage is the most commonly used herb for Native American or healing rituals.   It can be burned to cleanse and purify a room, person, or object.   It is said to bring blessings and clear away harmful spirits, as well as nullify negative influences that may cling to someone or something.   Applying a sage poultice is said to dry up perspiration and milk, or to have antibiotic and astringent properties on wounds.   Drunk as a tea, it can lower blood sugar, relieve sore throats, and ease mouth sores.   (This statement not evaluated by the FDA.)

History: Sage has been sacred in both the New World and Old World since the beginning of history.   Native Americans have used it in healing and protection rituals for millenia.   Arabians believed that sage brings immortality and mental acuity.

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