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Resin Bottle Necklace

Item height: 1", diameter approx. 1/4".   Same as the Bottle Necklace, plus genuine, precious resin (choose golden Frankincense or ruddy Myrrh).

Frankincense Bottle  (pictured)
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Myrrh Bottle
Product #J-BOTTL-mr - $4.99
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Filled with your choice of genuine precious Frankincense or Myrrh resin, for protection, good mojo, and luck.  This delicate piece is made of round glass, and comes with a cork in which a brass hoop has been set.   The corks fit tightly, however one may wish to seal it with a drop of super glue.   Comes with 30" black cord.

Bottle Necklace, Flask Style Traditional Uses:

  • Frankincense - worn for protection from spirits, for self-purification, and to clear the mind and spirit of negative influences.
  • Myrrh - worn to cancel hexes and curses, for "psychic armor," and to clear the body and soul of impurities and harmful agents.

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