Dreaming Gates Partnership -- License Agreement

Use of any website, product, service, or publication by or for the Dreaming Gates Partnership indicates that you have read and agree to be bound by all applicable licenses, policies, and disclaimers.

A. Dreaming Gates Partnership ("we" or "us") provides you with websites and publications ("content") and we grant you a license to use said content in accordance with the terms of the License dictated herein. The copyright and all other rights to said content shall remain with us. You must reproduce any copyright, trademark, or other notice marked on the content on all copies you make.

1. View all or part of the content, unmodified*, for personal use.
2. Copy and distribute portions of the content, unmodified*, and free of charge.
3. Refer others to our content, through website links or any other method, as long as the referral is free to the user, the content is unmodified*, and the content is not contained in other content (for example, a frame or iframe from another website).

1. use the content or make copies of it except as permitted in this License.
2. translate, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the content.
3. charge others to use the content.
4. modify the content or merge all or any part of the content with another.
5. create scandalous, obscene, defamatory or immoral works using the content, nor use the content for any purpose which is prohibited by law.
6. redistribute, sell, or publish the content, except as permitted under this License.
7. use any of the content related to identifiable individuals, entities, or concepts in a manner that suggests their association with or endorsement of any product or service.
8. use or permit the use of the content or any part thereof as a trademark or service mark, or claim any proprietary rights of any sort in the content or any part thereof.
9. use the content in any publication, website, product, or other manifestation independent of us, in any format, unless all of the following are met:
i) specific, written permission is obtained from us prior to use;
ii) images are incorporated for viewing purposes only (for electronic use, a notice must be included in the proposed use specifying that the images may not be saved or downloaded and are only to be used for viewing purposes);
iii) a visible credit to us is included in the proposed use (or is waived by us in writing, in advance);
iv) the content thus used does not represent a significant portion of the content of the proposed use;
v) the proposed use is not a publication, website, product or other manifestation which is similar to or competes with any of the features of any Dreaming Gates publications, website, product or other manifestation; and
vi) a Licensing Fee per each image, soundfile, or block of 100 characters is pre-paid in advance. Said fee shall equal no less than U.S. $250 with credit or U.S. $500 without credit to us.

D. TERM: This License shall continue for as long as you use the content, in part or in whole. However, it will terminate if you fail to comply with any of its terms or conditions. You agree, upon termination, to destroy all copies of the content or elements of the content, modified or unmodified. In addition, you agree to pay punitive fees of no less than U.S. $1000 per image, soundfile, or block of 100 characters, plus 25% royalties from any income generated by its use. The terms of our Disclaimer also apply to this License.

* - The term "unmodified" indicates that no part of the element can be changed in any way, to include the removal or addition of material or the alteration of "Dreaming Gates" identifying information.