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7" overall length with 4" blade, wood handle, leather sheath.

Athame - 7"
Product #MG-ATHA7 - $9.99

Our Athame is an all-purpose tool with a solid wood, rounded handle and brass trim.   It comes with a leather sheath, complete with belt clip, and can be carved, painted, or stained to your desire.   (For example, one of our customers used a simple wood-burning kit to inscribe pentacles on his.)    We have selected a 4" blade to reflect the Four Elements, with a 7" overall length to incorporate the mystical prime number 7.

Traditional Uses: a favorite tool of many Paths, the athame, or unsharpened ritual knife, is used for multiple purposes including cutting magickal herbs, casting circles, and opening gates.   It is most often used to symbolize the Element of Air.

History: Knives have been one of humankind's more important tools since before metalsmithing.   Prehistoric humans used blades knapped, or chipped, from obsidian or flint stones for almost every cutting task.

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