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Blessed and purified candles

Purified and Blessed
Product #MG-CANDL - $0.99
Purified, Blessed, and Anointed
Product #MG-CAND2 - $1.99

Additional colors by special request.  High-quality taper candles 6" - 12" long, fully charged by moonlight, purified, and blessed.  Unscented, ready to be anointed with your favorite oil for any purpose.  (Or anointed by us.)   Also good for melting to create a seal (scratch or press the image into the rehardening wax).

Traditional Uses: burn as a focus-point or amplification for meditation, spellwork, or ambiance.   Specific colors correspond to specific desires:

  • red=love, power, or passion
  • pink=affection, love, or happiness
  • black=hex-breaking or cursing
  • green=health or money
  • blue=healing or calm
  • white=general purpose or blessing

History: Candles were originally made of tallow (animal fat) or beeswax (for the rich).   In the past century these substances were replaced by synthetic paraffin, which burns more cleanly, however, beeswax has made a comeback in recent years.

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