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7" diameter, 5" height plus 3 legs. Cast iron.

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This is the real deal.   Solid cast iron, two fixed handles, three feet, and a whole lot of attitude.   Use for brewing potions, burning offerings, or symbolizing the Great Mother in your next rite.   (Not recommended for cooking.)   Incorporates two mystical prime numbers: 7" diameter invokes the seven sacred planets dating back to ancient Sumeria, plus the 5" height recalls the Five Elements (including Spirit) also found in the pentacle.

Traditional Uses: an absolute must for any potion or burnt offering.  Most often used to symbolize the Element of Water, or the Great Mother (womb symbolism).

History: Cauldrons were incorporated by necessity into the earliest brews made by humankind.   Today they are a powerful symbol of many Paths, with an emphasis on earth-based magicks.

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