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Grapevine Wreath

Entwined, anointed grapevine for ritual or altar decoration.   8" outer diameter.   (Pictured accessories not included.)

Grapevine Wreath
Product #MG-GRAPW - $2.99

We offer these durable, quality wreathes made of intertwined grapevines for either altar decoration or ritual wear.    They are approximately 1.5" thick by 8" (outer diameter).   Each wreath is blessed and anointed with essential oils and natural sea salt.   Free of adornment for your own decoration (such as fresh autumn leaves).    Bring in the spirit of the Harvest and give thanks!

Traditional Uses: Favorite holidays for many Pagan traditions are those surrounding the Harvest, which include Mabon and Samhain (Sept 21 and Oct 31).   Many non-Pagan traditions observe this day in non-religious terms, taking the form of Fall Festivals, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.   One of the most popular images for this time is the grapevine wreath or crown, used either for decoration or ritual wear during Harvest celebrations.

History: Using entwined grapevines has been a tradition for as long as humankind has cultivated grapes.   Followers of Bacchus in ancient Greece were known to bear crowns made of grapevines and leaves in their joyous celebrations.

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