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Virgin Parchment Paper

8.5" x 11" sheets - aged, textured, & mottled look.   Exceptional for spells.

Single Sheet (pictured)
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Five Sheets
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"Extra Authentic" Single Sheet
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These pages look torn from an ancient grimoire.   Hand-made by a secret, proprietary process here at Dreaming Gates, each is individually crafted, inspected, then blessed and empowered for magickal use.   Each batch takes over two days to make.

All sheets measure 8.5" x 11", and are somewhat brittle in texture.   Perfect for your most important spells and secret writings!   The regular sheets are mottled and warped, stiff as if ripped from a long-hidden book in a castle.   The "Extra Authentic" sheets are given an extra process to increase their aged appearance, and have a look that is worm-eaten, torn, and even more stained by time.   If the regular sheets look old, these are ancient!   (Note: these are cruelty-free products - contain no animal parts.)

Traditional Uses: Ideal for writing spells, secrets, and magickal journals that look authentic and aged.   Also great for unique artwork and calligraphy.   The "Extra Authentic" style, because of its dark hue, can also be used with gel pens and light-colored paints.

History: Parchment is called for in most spells that involve written sigils or words, including the Solometric rituals made popular by the Clavicula Salomonis.   These sheets fulfill the definition of "Virgin Parchment Paper" as defined in that text.

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