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All Purpose Spell Powder ™

1 oz. package - non-toxic.   New Improved Formula!

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Spell powder is one of the most versatile tools available.   A great source of power, to amplify and increase your task.    Use this all-natural, charged mixture of minerals and resins for many purposes, particularly in preparation for metaphysical or magickal workings.   Using our Spell Powder is easy; it is already charged with energy, so all you have to do is think or speak aloud the desired intent while sprinkling the Spell Powder where it needs to go.

Traditional Uses:

  • cast a circle, by spreading the powder around you in a line;
  • bless and purify a meditation or ritual area by setting the powder in the corners and/or at the threshold;
  • include Spell Powder in potions and oils for increased power;
  • prepare a Ritual Bath to cleanse and purify the body or ritual tools (just a few pinches is necessary);
  • surround metaphysical or magickal items to cleanse and protect them;
  • clear crystals and remove vibrations from almost any object;
  • toss a handful into open flames for ethereal flickering colors (always use extreme caution with fire).

    History: Spell powder has long been an important part of magick and casting in general.   Powders ground from exotic roots and minerals appear in arcane texts dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and the Dark Ages.

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