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Spell Kits

Each kit contains: 1 inscribed candle, 1 stone, 1 incense cone, 1 vial holy water, 1 spell to read, and complete instructions.

Prosperity - with Aventurine and green votive   (pictured)
Product #MG-SPELL-pr - $9.99 Quantity:
Love & Passion - with rose quartz and green votive
Product #MG-SPELL-lv - $9.99 Quantity:

Want to cast Craft, but don't know what components to buy?   Donít know ancient magickal tongues or what words to say?   No problem!   These kits are for you.

Take all the guesswork out of magick.   Our Spell Kits are a convenient way to create specific spells.   Each contains everything you need to complete the spell, including a special hand-inscribed candle and simple instructions.   If you can light a candle and read aloud in English, you can cast these easy spells.

Traditional Uses:

  • Prosperity - bring or increase money, prosperity, goods, or financial well-being.
  • Love and Passion - bring or enhance romance, improve a relationship, call a lover.  (Not recommended for use on a specific subject, but in general.)

    History: Each spell has traditional components relating to its purpose.   (We have all heard Shakepeare's witches recite, "Round about the cauldron go / In the poison'd entrails throw.")   While entrails are not part of most modern spells, common components do include a specific colored candle, incense, and written or spoken sequence.   These vary by spell and tradition.

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