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- Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold

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- Wooden 11" Ash Catchers
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Here on the Specials page, you can find all our great deals, discounts, coupons, sales, and clearance items.   Check back often, because these bargains change frequently, and supplies are limited.   (So be quick!)

Special Offers, Coupons, & Clearance

Dreaming Gates strives to save you money.   We sell wholesale to the public all new top-quality goods, offer coupons and discounts for bulk or special occasions, and often put products on sale or clearance.

Check out the deals below!   But remember, quantities are limited so act fast!

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Specials & Sales...

Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold
Deluxe Gift Jar
$12.00 -> 25% off!   Now just $8.99
availability : 10/1 - 12/21 (yearly)

Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold - Click for larger image. These two sacred resins were highly prized in ancient lands from Sumer to Jerusalem - now they're available in a special golden-lidded keepsake jar with a bow!   A perfect present for any holiday, religion or culture.

    2 oz. in a glass gift jar with golden screw-top and bow
    (product code #H-FRAMR-dx)

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Clearance Items...

Black or White Quills
$0.99 -> 50% off!   Now just $0.50
availability : very low in stock

Black quill - Click for larger image. Excellent black or white quills, perfect for writing spells of power, control, or passion.   These do not quite meet our exacting standards of beauty, having a few bent ends and such, but they are all perfectly good for writing.   Sold as-is.

Black Quills:
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White Quills:
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$1.99 -> 30% off!   Now just $1.39
availability : 1 Dec. 2006-1 Mar. 2007
(or while supplies last)

Wood ashcatchers with brass insets 11" polished wood ash catchers, excellent for burning incense sticks!   Simply set the tip of an incense stick into the hole at one end of the ashcatcher, light, and let the ashes fall into its specially-designed surface.   Contains real brass decorations such as elephants, moons, and suns (random selection).   In good condition, perhaps with slight tarnish on brass (can be removed with polish).

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Charcoal - roll of 5
$1.99 -> 25% off!   Now just $1.50
availability : while supplies last
Sorry - Out of Stock

Roll of charcoal tablets - Click for larger image.  10-pack shown in photo. Required for burning herbs, resins, and similar incense.   These charcoal tablets are 3 Kings Self-Igniting brand, wrapped in foil 5-packs (10-pack pictured).   All in good condition, discontinued by the manufacturer.   Sold as-is.


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