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Want a great deal?   You found one!

Dreaming Gates products are already discounted to wholesale price--so everyone gets a great deal!

Approved resellers and distributors, who intend to resell our goods to the public, may be eligible for the additional terms listed on this page.

If you want to SELL to us:

We always need high-quality mythological and metaphysical products, including magickal supplies, New Age products, natural healing, and related markets.  We will gladly review your catalog or price list.  Please mark your envelope:
    Dreaming Gates
    ATTN: New Products
    PO Box 185
    Lanexa, VA 28089-0185
(Complimentary samples are appreciated, but not required.)  For email inquiries, just Contact Us.

If you want to BUY from us:

You can purchase from us at additional discounts for the purpose of reselling the goods.  You must submit a valid tax id number and a copy of your resale license (not the information on it).   Once you are approved, you may subtract your additional discounts from our regular prices.  (To receive a catalog or price list, see Catalogs.)

Important: You are welcome to order anything we offer, but certain items are eligible for larger discounts. These items are listed below on our "b2b products" list.  You must meet the minimum order with b2b items before adding other items.

To make a b2b order, you can either send us a list via e-mail or mail, or use the website with "B2B ORDER" in the Special Instructions area.   Your discount will be subtracted manually, and we will e-mail an invoice for the correct total, which must be paid prior to shipment.

  • Discount Rates:
    • 30% (5 + of the same b2b item)
    • 20% (1-4 of the same b2b item)
    • 10% (any non-b2b item)
  • Minimum Order:
    • $50* (after discount)
      *-Orders under $100 subject to $5 service charge.
  • Shipping:
    • US - $9.
    • Other countries - Inquire.
    • Insurance (optional - rates on "Orders" page).

      - Important: We are not responsible for goods shipped uninsured!
      - All shipping via USPS Priority, 2-3 day service (parcel post for packages 5+ lbs)   P.O. Boxes ok.
  • Handling:
    • Regular - FREE
    • Priority/Rush - $5*
      * - We highly recommend Priority/Rush, so your order is filled first.
  • Lead Time:
    • 3-4 weeks or
    • 1-2 weeks with Priority/Rush service
  • Special / Custom Requests:
    • cost varies, often free.
      (For example: divide 1 lb of Frankincense into 6 packages, add additional ingredients to bath salts, create a new color for bath salts.)  We are happy to oblige.

    When ordering, please disregard all regular sales, shipping rates, and discounts.  Instead, use the business-to-business info here.  Also, for the fastest service, make sure to select "Priority/Rush" service and to provide a copy of your resale license when ordering for the first time.  Thank you!

B2B Products:

  • Crystals and Stones (all except rare)
  • Incense (all sticks/cones; all natural/herbs except smudge bundles; all accessories)

  • Jewelry (all bottle necklaces)
  • Magickal & Metaphysical Items (all powders, waters, & parchment paper)
  • Miscellaneous (all Dreaming Catchers™)
  • Oils & Bath Salts (all except accessories)
  • Pouches & Containers (all plastic recloseable baggies)

    The following are not b2b items: books, gift certificates, anything not listed above, anything not listed on the website.   Due to market restrictions, we reserve the right to exclude any item at our discretion.

Bulk Prices

    Bulk prices are available to anyone.  Just ask.   Note: All bulk products are sold by weight.   Here are a few examples...

  • Incense cones unscented - $7 / 100
  • Incense cones scented - $13 / 100
  • Incense sticks unscented - $6 / 100
  • Incense sticks scented - $12 / 100
  • Frankincense or Myrrh - $30 / 1 lb
  • Bath salts unscented - $12 / 1 lb
  • Bath salts scented - $15 / 1 lb
  • Aromatherapy Oils - $19.99 / 1 oz
  • 3x4 in. plastic baggies - $50 / 1,000
  • 4x6 in. plastic baggies - $70 / 1,000

Please note that all our Policies and Disclaimers apply to B2B orders as well as regular orders.  (See "ordering info" page.)  Policies and availability are subject to change.  We reserve the right to refuse b2b terms at our discretion.

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